Thursday, June 5, 2008

Say What?

Willard came up to me before breakfast the other day and asked,

"Momma, can we please do our chores after we eat cereal?"

I was quite taken aback, but of course I agreed! Usually we do them later in the day, after naptime.

A few weeks ago, I was watching Jon and Kate plus 8. It is such a cute show! On it, Kate had gotten a chore chart in the mail, and the kids were so pumped up to do them.

So, I modified the chart to fit our needs and wrote numbers on little craft sticks I got from the dollar store. I have 8 chores and 4 rewards. I place the marked side down into a cup, and allow each of them to chose one to do together. Then we have a corresponding chore. On the back of the numbered side, I drew little smiley faces, so Maynard could count them instead.

They LOVE it! Our chores are:

1. Putting your clothes where they belong (this includes putting away clean ones, utig dirty ones in the hamper, putting dirty ones into the washer, clothes from the washer into the dryer..the whole gamut!)

2. Turn off any unused lights, TVs, electronics

3. Reward-Play a game on the computer (They have been loving Thomas, and now they like the piney game)

4. Sweep the floor

5. Put your toys where they belong.

6. Reward-Play a game (Either a board type, or ring around the rosie, duck duck, etc)

7. Wipe off the tables (one gets the coffe table, one gets the kitchen)

8. Water the plants

9. Reward- Play with Toys (usually ones that are put up and only taken down occasionally)

10. Pick up garbage, and empty the bathroom garbage

11. Make your beds

12. Reward- Be creative (they have been loving the used to be a rare treat in our house, but now, while they play, I clean the kitchen so I can keep an eye on them too.)


Tanya said...

Great ideas! I love that show, too.
And kids are NEVER too young for chores. Way to go!

Sandie Grisé said...

I remember when my children were eager like this to help out their Momma and to do chores like big kids. They're teenagers now and let me tell you I miss the days when they were little and would help me around the house, LOL!